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Concordia Seminary Dedicates Antiphonal Organ

Concordia Seminary dedicated a new antiphonal organ in the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus on Friday, October 2. The primary function of the antiphonal organ is to assist in leading the singing of hymns, especially for worshipers seated in the chapel transepts. In addition, it will provide the pitch for officiants as they chant portions of the liturgy, accompaniment for smaller groups of worshipers and echo possibilities to enhance organ recitals and performance pieces.

The pipework for the antiphonal division is located in a chamber above the chancel with openings into the transept on the north side of the chapel and into the chancel itself. The organ console, near the main organ in the chapel balcony, is capable of playing the antiphonal organ on any of its three manuals. The new division adds 700 pipes and 11 stops so that the completed instrument now has 63 ranks of pipes, 43 stops and 3,500 pipes.

The long-anticipated component of the chapel is made possible by a gift from Carl and Millie Duesenberg of Ft. Worth, Texas. Its installation was made possible by a gift from Ms. Doris Erbe of St. Louis.