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Fall Visitation Weekend Draws Large Crowd

The Fall Visitation Weekend held Oct. 12-14 at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis experienced one of its largest attendances in recent years with a total of 69 adult participants. Of the 69 participants, 45 were prospective students and 24 were wives, fiancees or acquaintances of the prospective students. Participants came from all parts of the United States, including one from Alaska.

The event featured presentations on many aspects of seminary preparation including academic offerings, financial aid, housing, and student life. Many participants were certain they would enroll and begin preparation for the pastoral ministry during the coming year. Others were just beginning to consider the possibility.

“Our goal in offering campus visitation opportunities is to inform our guests regarding seminary preparation and life in our Concordia Seminary community,” commented Rev. Jeffery Moore, director of ministerial recruitment at Concordia Seminary. “We want to give them accurate information and answer any questions they may have as they consider the opportunity to begin seminary preparation and serve our Lord in the pastoral ministry.”

The women present enjoyed a bus tour of the area and a special “Women’s Information Session,” hosted by Ruth Ann Johnson, wife of Seminary President Dr. John F. Johnson. This session featured topics including employment, schools for children and opportunities offered for women in the Seminary community. The Seminary’s two relocation counselors, Judy Voelz and Carol Iannelli were also present at this session to discuss their role in assisting families with the transition to the Seminary community.

The Fall Visitation Weekend is one of three structured visitation opportunities offered each year on the Seminary campus. The “Shepherds of God’s Flock” retreat is another structured visitation opportunity and will be offered Jan. 4-6, 2001. This event features Bible study and study of the Lutheran Confessions concerning the Office of the Holy Ministry. It also features presentations by pastors, missionaries and chaplains concerning the joys and challenges they find in their service. Due to requests by former attendees, an optional extra day has been added this year to cover the “nuts and bolts” of seminary attendance including financial aid and housing.

The Seminary’s third structured visitation opportunity, The Institute on the Ministry will take place March 8-10, 2001. This event is traditionally the largest visitation event in terms of program activities and number of participants. More than 100 prospective students and guests normally attend this event. It’s structure is very similar to the Fall Visitation Weekend, but includes a very popular information fair featuring groups from the Seminary community and the greater St. Louis area.

“Each year, however, more people visit Concordia Seminary through individual visits at times which are most convenient for them,” indicated Moore. “We are happy to provide meals and lodging free of charge on our campus for prospective students and their guests, regardless of the time they choose to visit. We can arrange appointments and offer opportunities to address the individual needs of visitors and we do so on a weekly basis. People should not feel that the only time they can visit our Seminary community is during one of the structured visitation events.”

To schedule a campus visit or to speak with a member of the admissions office staff, call 1-800- 822-9545. The office may also be reached by e-mail (