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Concordia Seminary Recognizes Ordination Anniversaries

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, the Concordia Seminary, St. Louis community recognized 13 of its faculty members who reached significant anniversaries of their ordination dates. During the Seminary’s morning chapel service, each was recognized, and prayers of thanksgiving for their service were offered. A special reception also was held following the chapel service to allow individuals in the Seminary community the opportunity for personal expressions of gratitude.

The following Concordia Seminary faculty members reached special ordination anniversaries during the year 2001 and were recognized on Dec. 12:

Prof. Paul W. Robinson – 10 years
Prof. R. Reed Lessing – 15 years
Prof. Bryan R. Salminen – 15 years
Prof. Robert L. Rosin – 20 years
Prof. Andrew H. Bartelt – 25 years
Prof. Paul L. Schreiber – 25 years
Prof. David W. Wollenburg – 30 years
Prof. Douglas Groll – 35 years
Prof. Richard H. Warneck – 40 years

Prof. Leroy Vogel – 40 years
Prof. Juan G. Berndt – 50 years
Prof. Rudolph H. Harm – 50 years
Prof. Erich Kiehl – 55 years

“We are grateful for these faithful servants and for the blessings God has provided through them over the years,” commented Rev. Glen D. Thomas, vice president for seminary relations at Concordia Seminary. “These distinguished faculty and staff members have offered more than 400 years of collective service since ordination and they truly are gifts from God to His church.”

Concordia Seminary’s faculty now numbers 40 full-time members, more than 80 percent of whom have earned terminal degrees in their area of instruction. They also average more than 11 years of pastoral ministry experience prior to joining the Seminary faculty. The faculty is world-renowned for its combination of scholarship, theological leadership and inspiring classroom instruction.

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