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New Session of ProfTalk Available

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, is pleased to announce the availability of a new session of ProfTalk on its Web site ( ProfTalk is a weekly discussion by a group of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, professors that is recorded and made available free of charge in three audio formats. The discussions are approximately 30 minutes in length and are designed to foster theological reflection and discussion concerning important issues confronting the church and the world.

The newest ProfTalk session is a discussion concerning the question, “How do Christians proclaim the wrath of God today?”. Five previous discussions include, “How can Christians confess the uniqueness and necessity of Christ in a pluralistic society?”; “How do Christians respond to universalism?”; “How can confessing Christians live in a pluralistic society?”; “Should the Lutheran church have a voice in the ‘public square’?”; and “What is the meaning of September 11?”

“We have discussions of this type on a regular basis over lunch or on the sidewalk,” commented Dr. Paul Raabe, one of the faculty members featured. “We thought it might prove interesting for people to listen-in on our conversation and agree or disagree with us. We hope to address many interesting issues in the future and model the way God’s people can think theologically about issues and discuss them in an atmosphere of mutual respect.”

The audio files are available for online listening and also may be downloaded for offline listening. They are offered in Real Audio®, Windows Media® and QuickTime® formats.

“This resource accompanies our video files, as well as the Lectionary at Lunch, Wednesday chapel sermon and convocation audio files, as Internet resources available via our Web site,” commented Rev. Glen Thomas, vice president for seminary relations at Concordia Seminary. “We want to exercise theological leadership in providing confessional Lutheran resources to the world, and the Internet provides a wonderful vehicle to accomplish this.”

For more information, contact Seminary Relations, Concordia Seminary, 801 DeMun Ave., St. Louis, MO 63105; 314.505.7370;