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Concordia Seminary Appoints Five New Deans

In sweeping changes to its leadership structure, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, has appointed five faculty members to new positions as deans. The newly-appointed deans join three existing vice presidents and Seminary President Dale A. Meyer to form the new governance team for the Seminary. The new leadership structure was approved by the Seminary’s Board of Regents in a recent meeting.

“The new deans will play a significant role in the future direction of the Seminary,” commented Meyer. “They have been selected for particular areas of oversight because they possess expertise and experience in these particular areas. I am confident that their leadership will result in many exciting and innovative changes as we serve church and world even more effectively in the future.”

The new deans include two deans of ministerial formation, Drs. Bruce Hartung and Paul Robinson. They form an administrative team that will provide leadership and oversight to the areas that shape and form a person for service in the church, either as a pastor or as a deaconess. While working as a team, Robinson will focus more on the academic and classroom aspects of formation, and Hartung will give attention to the spiritual and attitudinal aspects of a student’s preparation for ministry.

“My prayer is that all of us may use this new structure to assist our students as they grow in mind, body and spirit to enter the vocation of pastor or deaconess,” commented Hartung. “We expect to draw together the many experiences of a student into an even more integrated and wholesome one so that their preparation for ministry is, indeed, one of holistic growth.”

Dr. Bruce Schuchard will serve as the new dean of the Graduate School and advanced studies. As such, Schuchard will oversee the programs that lead to advanced degrees in theological study, including the master of arts, master of sacred theology, doctor of philosophy in theology and the doctor of ministry. Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod pastors and students fromaround the world come to Concordia Seminary to pursue these advanced degrees, and the Seminary has a distinguished history of forming theological scholars for the church.

“Each generation of the church needs those who will dedicate themselves to theological scholarship,” commented Schuchard. “Today, perhaps to a greater extent than ever before, complex false theologies and ideologies are confronting God’s people. As a result, theological scholarship of the highest caliber is needed by the church. I look forward to providing leadership for this important area of our Seminary’s mission, and I am excited about future opportunities in our advanced studies offerings.”

Dr. James Voelz will serve as the Seminary’s new dean of the faculty. As such, he will provide oversight in areas including professional development, teaching assignments, sabbaticals and the calling of new faculty members.

“It is a great honor to be chosen for this position, and I am pleased to be placed into a position that allows me to assist my colleagues in their personal and professional development,” commented Voelz. “Such growth, both individually and corporately, is key to the health of a theological institution. Fostering even greater personal interaction between faculty and students also is high on my agenda.”

Dr. William Schumacher will serve as the new dean of theological research and publication. In his new role, Schumacher will lead the Seminary faculty’s efforts to address theological issues and provide theological resources for the church. These efforts will utilize print and electronic media.

“The Seminary’s faculty possess a wealth of theological knowledge and can serve as a magnificent resource for the church,” commented Schumacher. “Our recent responses to The Da Vinci Code and the Gospel of Judas with timely electronic resources demonstrate in small part what is possible. The overwhelmingly positive reaction that these resources received demonstrates the need for this type of service to the church.”

Existing vice presidents Andrew Bartelt, executive vice president; Mark Hofman, vice president for development; and Glen Thomas, vice president for seminary relations; complete the new governance team structure.

For more information, contact Seminary Relations; 801 Seminary Place, St. Louis, MO 63105; (314) 505-7012; or visit the Seminary’s Web site at