Call Day

Due to the coronavirus emergency, Call Day was celebrated virtually April 28, 2020.

Call Day at Concordia Seminary is the day when second-year students receive their vicarage church assignments (a one-year internship at an LCMS church anywhere in the U.S.) and fourth-year students discover their first call assignments. Deaconess students learn their deaconess internship assignments or diaconal call assignments on this day as well. These assignments and calls will be announced and celebrated during a virtual worship service on Call Day. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no on-campus service in 2020.

Students, families and congregations are encouraged to share photos and video of their in-home celebrations on social media by using the hashtags #CallDay2020.

Call Day Service

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Worship Service

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Call Day 2020

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See each call assignment plotted on an Interactive Map. Search by student or church.


Download calls and assignments in Google Earth. This is a downloadable version of our map data.


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